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Hi all

I have 2019 Q8. Some times when the misses is taking it out, or I am taking it when we press the start button the engine fails to start up.

It happens on a random basis, sometimes it might happen a few times- other times nothing for a week or so.

Today this problem occurred again, in that the engine didn’t start and I could hear a clicking kind of sound when pressing the start button.
Every time this happens, I get a boat load of error messages. Engine fault, steering wheel fault etc. Assume this is because the engine hasn’t started and so it can’t run diagnostics. Then when it starts up fine- there are no error messages.

We called out a green flag guy once when this happened and he couldn’t find any faults! And the car started up as normal when he was there- typical!

I called up a few local Audi dealerships to get booked in for investigation. They say they have to hold it for a few days and can’t promise they will get to the bottom of the fault if there are no fault codes coming up. Also they can’t fit me in for over a month.

Had any one experienced something similar?


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